Using Wall Storage to Organize a Cluttered Space

Even in the smallest of rooms, a few feet of wall space can provide a tremendous amount of storage space. When done right, wall storage can change a cramped and disorganized living area into an island of clutter free joy, while helping you to organize everything in your home for easy and convenient access.

Double Up On Closet Space

While closets are storage spaces in and of themselves, the storage they provide can be increased with the addition of wall storage or shelving units. Depending on the size of the closet, an additional wall storage unit or shelve can create the walk-in closet space you’ve always dreamed of having.

All Wall or No Wall

If you are going to used your wall as a storage space, why not make the most of it by using all of it. With floor to ceiling wall storage units, you can maximize the space any wall provides and insignificant increase your storage area.

Bathrooms as Storage Too

Make use of the bathroom walls with wall storage and shelving units that can be used for bathroom specific items such as towels, soap, and toilet paper, but also items such as clothes and and cleaning materials that might otherwise clutter other areas of your home.

Window Space Extensions

Make the most of the unused spaces on the sides and below your windows by using wall storage units tailored to the exact dimensions of the available spaces such that they provided needed extra storage without obstructing access to the window not blocking sunlight coming in.

Mount Your Wall Storage

One effective way to increase all storage space without diminishing floor space is to mount your wall storage unit. Mounting a storage units is useful, for instance, in spaces where place a storage unit on the floor might block and electric outlet or internet connection.

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