Selecting the Most Suitable Wardrobe

To select the most suitable wardrobe, take into account factors such as size, style, material and other features. The first step is to measure the space where you wish to place the wardrobe with shelves. If the space has a slanted ceiling or an irregular corner, you can opt for a fitted type.

For measurements of size, determine the length, width and height of your space. Don’t forget to include an allowance of at least 10 cm for the wall and ceiling. In the event that you decide to move your piece of furniture to another location, it would be much easier with hardly damage to the wall. Wardrobes with assembly service can be large, small, medium or any other size.

A typical small wardrobe has a single door. It is suitable for a single person or child. The 60 cm wardrobe is also cost and space saving. If you have a dresser with mirror, look for a wardrobe without mirror to save money and the hassle of cleaning the extra mirror. A medium sized wardrobe is 95 cm wide and normally has two doors.

This is a good choice if you’re sharing your wardrobe or have many clothes. With a wardrobe 240cm wide, you can keep a great deal of clothes and other items. They may have features like cubby holes, jewelry drawers and shoe racks. With shoes, clothes and accessories all in one place, it would be more convenient to choose what you want for your work or daily affairs.

Choosing Material and Style

Huge wardrobes with storage for shoes, jewelry, makeup and other items can be a wise investment. You don’t have to purchase a shoe rack, jewelry boxes and other organizers. Wardrobe units with a full or half-length mirror from Tylko is another cost-saving alternative to a dresser. If you love reading books at night, go for a wardrobe with bookcase.

The material of wardrobe 60cm wide not only contributes to the cost of the furniture but is also important for durability. If your budget is limited and you don’t mind a reasonably durable wardrobe, then opt for something made from particle board or MDF. For something highly durable, select one made from solid oak, walnut or pinewood. They also add a touch of antique charm to the room.

Make sure that the style and color of the wardrobe with drawers and shelves matches or complements well with other furniture and setting in your room. Solid hardwood adds an earthly brown tone. If you want a striking and sophisticated look, choose a wardrobe with a high gloss finish. For choosing the exact color you want, there is always the painted finish option.