Visitor Info

If you plan on attending a drill you must contact us first.

Saturday Drill: Everyone is expected in the building at 7:15 AM (0715). Parents must come into the building also. Dismissal is at 5 PM (1700). Parents arrive by 4:45 for announcements.

Sunday Drill: Same as Saturday, except dismissal is at 3 PM (1500). 

We drill on an active military base. You must pass through base security and obtain a pass before you are allowed on the base. Please make sure you have valid and up-to-date documentation for your vehicle. Your car may be inspected. You won’t be allowed on the base if you haven’t contacted us first as we supply a list of visitors to security. We drill on the same weekend as the navy reservists. Security can get backed up so please give yourself plenty of time to get to our building.


Wear neat attire (shoes, no sandles or open-toed footwear)

Bring lunch.

Bring sneakers and “gym style” clothing in a backpack for PT.

We look forward to seeing you! 

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