Sea Cadets 101

Q. What is our motto?

            A. Honor. Courage. Commitment.

Q. What is our website?


Q. Why should I visit the website?

            A. You will be told of upcoming drills/events and other announcements. You can check out photos of the unit in action. There are lots of resources available to answer your questions. Check the website often!

Q. How often do we drill?

            A. One weekend a month. Depending on the time of the year we also might have several events to attend every month.

Q. What kind of events?

            A. We work closely with the base’s morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) department to work at many events on the base such as Springfest and Santa’s Workshop. We also march in parades and our color guard participates at many events, especially to honor our veterans.

Q. How do I find out when we have a drill or event?

            A. You will get an email about a week ahead of time. The Plan of the Month (POM) will be attached to the email. The POM has important instructions regarding the drill. You must print out a copy, read it carefully, and bring it to drill. You should also check the website on a regular basis for updates.

Q. What do I have to do before a drill?

            A. Each cadet is in a company. You must report your attendance to your company commander (CC) by the Wednesday night before drill. If you are new and don’t know what company you are in then report to LTJG Lippman at

Q. What else should I do?

            A. Check that your dress uniform is properly cleaned and pressed. Your name should be on your sea bag and all clothing items. Bring any completed assignments. Males: make sure you have a proper haircut.

Q. Assignments? I have homework?

            A. Yes you do. In order to attend trainings and be eligible for promotions you must complete certain correspondence courses.

Q. Where do I find these courses?

            A. There is a link on our website.

Q. These courses seem like a lot of work.

            A. Remember, it’s like taking an open-book test. Read each question and look for the correct answer. Do a few questions every day.

Q. What is LCDR Baumann’s favorite award?

            A. Doing well in school is very important. We require cadets to bring in their report cards. Lt. Baumann loves to award the academic achievement ribbon for grades B and above.



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