Cadet Expectations

Cadets will conduct themselves honorably at all times, including

  • Being completely truthful
  • Being polite and considerate to all people
  • Showing proper military bearing

Cadets will support each other through positive interactions, including

  • Building one another up with encouragement
  • Maintaining an environment free of cursing, teasing, inappropriate jokes or comments

Cadets will be respectful to all adults and cadets, including

  • Saying “Yes, sir/ma’am”, “No, sir/ma’am”,  etc.
  • Obeying those placed in authority over them whether young or old
  • Following military courtesies

Cadets will act responsibly through

  • Being on-time to all events
  • Reading the Plan of the Day in advance and preparing for drill
  • Maintaining proper grooming
  • Wearing the uniform with pride
  • Using chain of command to answer questions and deal with concerns 
  • Coming to drill properly hydrated
  • Safeguarding their Sea Cadet ID cards

Cadets will take advantage of the education offered through the program

  • By attending all drills, work days, community service and fundraisers
  • By completing the advancement courses assigned to them in a timely manner
  • By exercising daily to improve physical fitness
  • By attending field trips and at least one (NLCC) or two (NSCC) summer trainings per year*

*Lack of attendance at regular events will result in not attending field trips and summer training.

Parent Expectations

Make sure that your cadet is on time to each event.

Pick up your cadet at the appointed time.

Be an active member of the unit Booster Club.

Help your cadet maintain his/her uniform properly.

Encourage your cadet to do his/her courses in the assigned timeframe. Encourage your cadet to exercise!

Return ALL uniforms if your cadet leaves the program. Turn in uniforms that are outgrown. 

Provide transportation to/from advanced training.

Purchase footwear (boots, dress shoes, tennis shoes) for your cadet.

Remember that all Sea Cadet officers are volunteering their time to work with your cadet.

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